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Are you a business in need of legal services? Our firm offers a full service to starting and existing businesses, transitioning or in dispute, we can help. Services include: formations, council, drafting & negotiations. Mr. Broyles law firm is dedicated to assisting small and large businesses in all aspects of formation and contract negotiations, as well as anticipated litigation. 

  • Insurance claims

  • Licensing

  • Zoning


  • Creation of the Business/Farm entity

  • Planning

  • Drafting of contracts and leases

  • Review of leases

  • Real Property issues, including boundary disputes and nuisance

  • Licensing law

  • Farming contracts

  • Indemnity Agreements


litigation & negotiation

Andersen & Broyles, LLP, specializes in the preparation, negotiation and litigation of contract claims and disputes, real estate and commercial transactions, corporate and general business law.

We serve all of California

  • Contract disputes

  • Mechanic's Liens

  • Payment Stop Notices

  • Delay/disruptions claims


Our law firm handles business contract matters of any type and size for private and public works. Our practice focuses in the areas of public and private works construction, real estate & agribusiness.

  • Bond claims

  • Licensing law

  • Related business formations

  • Related business litigation

  • Related real estate law